We offer a variety of parking throughout the campus area. It is a year lease. Parking is paid in two installments, one in August and one in February. You will need to complete a parking lease.

Parking Location Neighorhood Price Availability
15 N Mills, Madison, WICamp Randall / Regent$125Available
448 W Mifflin, Madison, WIUW Campus$100Available
11 S Randall Ave, Madison, WICamp Randall / Regent$90Available
142 N Hancock St, Madison, WICapital$85Available
918 Regent St, Madison, WICamp Randall / Regent$125Available
143-145 W Gilman St, Madison, WIUW Campus$135Rented
150 W Gorham St, Madison, WIUW Campus$135 - $0Rented
445 W Gilman St, Madison, WIUW Campus$135Rented
1043 Jenifer St, Madison, WIJenifer Street$50Rented
141 N Butler St, Madison, WIUW Campus$85Rented
1 W Gilman, Madison, WICapital$100Rented
115 N Bassett, madison, WIUW Campus$100 - $0Rented
135 W Gilman St, Madison, WIUW Campus$135Rented
142 N Franklin St, Madison, WICapital$85Rented
145 W Gilman St, Madison, WIUW Campus$135Rented
149 E Gilman St, Madison, WICapital$125 - $0Rented
221 N Bassett St, Madison, WIUW Campus$150Rented
313 W Wilson St, Madison, WICapital$85Rented
405 N Henry St, Madison, WIUW Campus$135 - $0Rented
416 N Butler St, Madison, WICapital$150Rented
424 Wisconsin Ave, Madison, WICapital$110Rented
5 W Gilman St, Madison, WICapital$125Rented

Parking forms: